Mouse Clubhouse exclusive interview
from 2009
talks about his role in Disney's "Buddies" movies

by Scott Wolf

Josh Flitter

Josh Flitter has a natural charm and charisma. At only fourteen years old, he already has an impressive résumé which includes working alongside Robin Williams in "License to Wed." His voice work can be heard not only in all four of Disney's "Buddies" movies so far, but he can also be heard along with Jim Carrey and Carol Burnett in "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who." It will be exciting to see how has career continues to unfold!

Josh Flitter & BudderballScott Wolf: Which dog do you do the voice for in "Space Buddies"?

Josh Flitter: I am Budderball.

SW: Did you have fun doing it?

JF: Yes, lots of fun.

SW: You've also done some of the other Buddies movies, right?

JF: I've done every single one since the original "Air Buddies."

SW: What other things have you done besides the Buddies movies?

Josh Flitter in Ace Ventura, Jr., Pet DetectiveJF: I was in "Nancy Drew," "License to Wed," "The Greatest Game Every Played," and "Big Momma's House 2" and I have "Ace Ventura, Jr., Pet Detective" coming out in March on DVD.

SW: When you did the Buddies films, like "Space Buddies," how long did it take for your role?

JF: It takes just one day, like a few hours to actually get every single line down, but then we'll have to come back and still have to fix some lines or add some lines. Over the course of a few months, that's really it.

SW: Did you ever have to work with the dogs at all or visit the set?

JF: No, I'm from New York so I go into New York and I do that.

Josh Flitter & Robert VinceSW: When you record, you do it alone?

JF: Yes, but I have the Director Robert (Vince) talking to me and helping me through the lines.

SW: Did they have you change your voice at all for the part or is it your natural voice?

Santa BuddiesJF: They say like, "How would you imagine him speaking?" and I just talked. They said, "Your voice is perfect, it sounds exactly like how he would speak." So I really don't have to do anything with my voice, just talk like I'd talk.

SW: And you're already involved in the next Buddies movie, "Santa Buddies: The Search for Santa Paws," right?

JF: Yes, I think that will be really good!

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