Disney U – a book by Doug Lipp

Van FranceRemember when people talked about great customer service and the first thing that came to mind was Disneyland? Much of that can be attributed to the genius of Disney Legend Van France. Van was involved in the creation of the Disney University, which was formed to train new Disneyland employees and to keep seasoned employees providing top notch service. It was really a brilliant concept because people didn’t necessarily want to be sat down and retrained, but it was exciting to go the “University,” almost prestigious. I can attest to this, as some of my fondest memories working for Disney were my training through the Disney University at the studio.

doug-lipp-piratesFormer Disneyland cast member Doug Lipp personally worked with Van during his career, which began as a college intern for the Magic Kingdom Club and Disney University in 1978, to working his way up to head of the Disney University training team at the studio in 1985.

Doug said he wrote his new book, “Disney U,” in tribute to Van, whom he still obviously has great admiration for. In fact, meeting him during his introduction to he Disneyland Intern Program remains one of his favorite memories of his Disney career.

doug-lipp-disney-uDoug told me that “remaining true to Walt’s desire to both entertain and educate” drove his writing style. In fact, his guiding light while writing “Disney U” was Walt’s quote, “When the subject permits, we let fly with all the satire and gags at our command. Laughter is no enemy to learning.”

“Disney U” lays out 13 leadership lessons in a fun and thought-provoking manner. You’ll read never-before-told stories of numerous Disney luminaries including Dick Cook, Marty Sklar, Jack Lindquist, Ron Miller, Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, Tom Eastman, and Ron Dominguez, and behind-the-scenes success stories of how they helped bring Walt Disney’s dream to life.

doug-lipp-jim-coraWith a foreword by Jim Cora, retired Chairman, Disneyland International, (and founding member of Disney University), “Disney U” is a refreshing look at how Disney captures the hearts and minds of both cast members and guests, around the world.

You can buy “Disney U” at Amazon, BN.com, as well as iTunes and your local chain and independent booksellers.

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