Jay Meyer in upcoming “Maude” DVD

Jay Meyer in "Maude"

Jay Meyer can be seen in the upcoming Maude: Complete Series DVD set from Shout! Factory. He is in the episode “Tuckahoe Bicentennial,” and in beautiful voice, singing a short solo. Jay is one of the singing ghosts in the “Haunted Mansion” attractions and performed as the Irish tenor for more than 14 years in Disneyland’s “Golden Horseshoe Revue.”

“Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom” radio show

"Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom" radio show - Donald Novis and Wally Boag

Did you know that there was a radio show called “Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom” back in 1955? It was broadcast out of Disneyland and hosted by two of the stars of Disneyland’s “Golden Horseshoe Revue,” singer Donald Novis and comedian Wally Boag. Don was a popular singer before working at the park. Among his many credits, he sang “Love is a Song” for Disney’s “Bambi.” Wally was a comedian dating back to vaudeville before the “Golden Horseshoe Revue.” Here’s a newspaper article announcing the show, and a wonderful photo of Don and Wally. Special thanks to Wally’s family for this photo.

Barry Lane interview coming soon

Barry Lane

This is Barry Lane, who I interviewed and will be posting here on Mouse Clubhouse very soon! Barry was a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland in the 1960s and was the last male tour guide in Disneyland. There would not be another male tour guide for many years to follow. Barry shared stories about everything from serving mint juleps on the Mark Twain to meeting Walt Disney! Many thanks to Barry!!!

Interview: Bill Farmer (The recording process for Goofy, other voices)


Bill is a voice actor, whose most popular character is Goofy, for which he has provided the voice for countless movies, toys Disney theme park stage shows and more.

:44 Bill’s version of Goofy compared to the original, voiced by Pinto Colvig

1:25 Work besides just the animated films, including Disneyland and Disney World live shows, games, toys, etc.

2:00 When Bill began doing the voice of Pluto

2:15 The soundtrack recording process and sessions done solo vs. group ensembles, and the job of the voice director

4:45 Disney’s Character Voices department

6:15 Recording thousands of names for personalized CDs

8:01 The loop group, looping, background voices and other work, including Disney-Pixar Toy Story, Cars, Monster’s, Inc. Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast as well as other characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

9:44 Bill’s work on the English-dubbed Japanese TV series Astro Boy, as well as redoing lines for Goofy

11:25 Bill as the original voice of Horace Horsecollar and his inspiration for that character

12:30 How Bill describes Goofy


Interview: Gina Rock (Disneyland’s Tinker Bell)

Gina Rock, Disneyland's Tinker Bell

Gina Rock flew across the skies at Disneyland as Tinker Bell for more than two decades.

1:08 How Gina got her start as Tinker Bell

4:00 Being pregnant and working

6:10 Gina’s sub, Patty

6:38 The end of Gina’s flights

7:40 A normal performance day, and what it was like to fly, crashing into a mattress

12:05 The brakes on the trolley that was on the wire

12:43 Getting stuck on the wire and crashing into the mattress


Interview: Ray Templin (Performing with the Disneyland Band and other Disney music groups)

Ray Templin - Disneyland 25th Anniversary Character Show

:49 How Ray went from playing piano at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor to becoming a Main Street pianist at Disneyland, the position ends

6:13 Returning to Disneyland for the Happy 25 Anniversary Disneyland character show at Carnation Plaza Gardens

9:00 Becoming a bass drummer for the Disneyland Band, coaxed to play a practical joke on one of the band members, the band performing as other groups

Interview: Harriet Burns (Chinatown in Disneyland, Mister Lincoln)



Harriet was a scenic designer/model maker working on projects such as the Mickey Mouse Club television show, Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

:53 Creating skin for Abraham Lincoln for Great Moment’s with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Using her home fryer to create it.

1:30 Disneyland’s Chinatown and the Chinese philosopher Audio Animatronics figure. The head had been created with latex skin.

3:17 More about Chinatown, the Chinese restaurant and the Chinese philosopher ideas for Disneyland and why Walt Disney decided not to do the Chinatown.

The website of DIsney historian/photographer Scott Wolf

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