Keeping the Magic Alive

I’m so happy to bring you my video series “Keeping the Magic Alive” for The Kingdom Insider. (Links below) In this series I share Disney history, showcasing some of my personal Disney artifacts and photos, and I’ll convey stories of Disney, many of which were told to me firsthand by the Disney Legends themselves.

Teaser: Quick introduction to the series
Episode 1: Introduction to Keeping the Magic Alive with Scott Wolf
Episode 2: Disney Legends Awards 1989: Walt’s Nine Old Men
Episode 3: A history of the first Mickey Mouse dolls
Episode 4: Jay Meyer: From the Haunted Mansion to the Golden Horseshoe
Episode 5: Tokyo Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary
Episode 6: Harriet Burns: The First Lady of Disney Imagineering
Episode 7: Disneyland’s Promotional Tours
COMING SOON Episode 8: Ron Dominguez and His Disneyland Roots
COMING SOON Episode 9: The World Premiere of Fantasmic!
COMING SOON Episode 10: The Marceline School with Walt’s Touch
COMING SOON Episode 11: A Rare Look at Disneyland’s Original Tour Guides
COMING SOON Episode 12: The Faces of the Pirates of the Caribbean
COMING SOON Episode 13: The Other Voices of Mickey Mouse
COMING SOON Episode 14: The Golden Horseshoe Revue
COMING SOON Episode 15: The Fun with Music show at Disneyland
COMING SOON Episode 16: Rare history of Jiminy Cricket with artifacts
COMING SOON Episode 17: The Disneyland Band
Mini Ep. 1: Stranded with Walt Disney (Chuck Corson)
Mini Ep. 2: A Toontown Tribute (Jack Lindquist)
Mini Ep. 3: The Sherman Brothers’ Dad & His Disney Song
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 4: An Unusual Mold of Madame Leota (Blaine Gibson)
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 5: Scott’s Disney Employee Perks
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 6: Artist Joe Messerli’s Disney Connections
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 7: An Unusually Special Lilly Belle Ticket
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 8: Walt Disney’s nickname for Mary Costa
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 9: Bambi voice Donnie Dunagan’s “Castor Oil Kiss”
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 10: Disneyland’s Live Attraction, the Elliott Brothers
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 11: Jungle Cruise Trapped Safari History
COMING SOON: Mini Ep. 12: The Team Disney “Dwarfs” Building at the Disney Studios