Interview: Jack Lindquist (His pre-Disney Hollywood days)

Jack Lindquist in the 1943 film "Best Foot Forward"
Jack in the 1943 film “Best Foot Forward”

Jack Lindquist appeared in the Our Gang comedies and movies such as “Best Foot Forward” before becoming Disneyland’s first advertising manager, beginning in 1955. He continued with the company in marketing for Disneyland. Walt Disney World and international Disney resorts. His many accomplishments include the creation of the Disneyland Ambassador program, the creation of the Walt Disney Travel Company, the international waters ceremony for the opening of the it’s a small world attraction, Disney Dollars, and in 1990 Jack became the first president of Disneyland.


1:11 An extra in the Our Gang comedies (aka The Little Rascals) making $5.10 a day; The first movie Jack was in called “Midget Millionaires; Took dancing lessons at the school Shirley Temple attended; Worked in movies from 7 years old until he came out of the service; was in “Best Foot Forward” with Lucille Ball
7:40 Jack never wanted to be an actor; Learning to take rejection; Lived two block from RKO