Interview: Jeff Hoffman (The Disney Legends Awards)

Enjoy this slide show of photos of the Disney Legends Awards!
Listen to the interview directly under the photos.

Jeff Hoffman
Jeff Hoffman was responsible for the Disney Legends Awards for more than two decades
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Jeff Hoffman’s began his Disney career selling merchandise at Disneyland shop and ultimately becoming vice president of Disney Worldwide Outreach. He was largely responsible for the Disney Legends Awards for more than two decades.

1:15 The start of the Disney Legends Awards; the first Disney Legend ceremony, Fred MacMurray

6:52 The original committee to choose the Disney Legends; Choosing the term “Disney Legend”

11:43 Continuing the Disney Legends Awards after the Fred MacMurray ceremony; choosing the next Disney Legends; Walt’s “nine old men” honored; Ward Kimball’s “six-fingered” handprints

18:06 Annette Funicello’s handprints in the rain; the Sherman Brothers’ handprints mishap

21:09 The Disney Legends Award statuette; Award sculptor and designer Andrea Favilli; a large scale Award sculpture and the Legends Plaza; the 75th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company; Roy E. Disney’s award

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