Interview: Barry Lane (1960s Disneyland tour guide and Jungle Cruise skipper)


interview-barry-lane and connie-lane

Barry Lane worked at Disneyland in the 1960s, when Walt Disney would still wander the parks, and was a tour guide there, one of the last male tour guides for many years to follow. Barry also was a skipper on the Jungle Cruise and worked in Disneyland’s historic Golden Horseshoe Revue!


:59 Barry Lane’s start with Disneyland; Interviewed and was hired as a tour guide; Barry begin in April 1960, and was the last male tour guide for years to come

3:32 Giving his first tour at Disneyland without training, due to high park attendance

5:36 Becoming a skipper on the Jungle Cruise, because they had the best parties; Was laid off of his job 13 times

9:19 Worked at the Golden Horseshoe in foods, and ushering Guests into the building; Became a foreman at the Golden Horseshoe

11:53 Encounters with Walt Disney

13:50 Golden Horseshoe memories

15:15 Serving mint juleps on the Mark Twain

15:46 Meeting his wife, Connie