Interview: Kathryn Beaumont (A unique visit with Walt Disney; Live action reference for animators; Tea Party sequence)

Kathryn Beaumont interview
Kathryn Beaumont, performing live action reference for animators

Kathryn Beaumont was a child actress at MGM and went on to voice Alice and Wendy in Walt Disney’s animated versions of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan” respectively


1:00 After recording the voice for the films, Kathryn filmed live action versions of the live action footage of the films for the artists’ reference, the live action reference process including lip syncing the voice

4:08 Filming the “tea party” sequence for Alice in Wonderland with Jerry Colona and Ed Wynn, and scheduling around Kathryn’s schooling

6:08 A unique visit with Walt Disney and some Japanese dignitaries, and Walt’s small train