Interview: Carole Tully (Miss Disneyland 1964; Tivoli Gardens tour guide exchange; Walt Disney)

Carole Tully with Hanne Plath, Walt and Lillian Disney Carole Tully in Lappland as Miss Disneyland 1964

Carole was a ticket seller and tour guide at Disneyland, beginning in 1962, and was Miss Disneyland 1964, representing Disneyland and Walt Disney himself


:52 Her start with Disneyland; Donald Novis in Guest Relations; Becoming a Disney tour guide; Becoming Miss Disneyland, 1964

4:54 Miss Disneyland and the Tivoli Gardens tour guide exchange; Tivoli Gardens tour guide Hanne Plath; touring internationally as a goodwill ambassador

11:23 Visiting Lappland as Miss Disneyland

15:47 Walt Disney

2 thoughts on “Interview: Carole Tully (Miss Disneyland 1964; Tivoli Gardens tour guide exchange; Walt Disney)”

  1. Thank you Scott for bringing back wonderful childhood memories of my big sister’s journey with Disneyland. I was seven years old when Carole went to work at Disneyland and I thought it the absolute best thing in the world. In those days they actually had “Family Nights” and I can remember Disneyland as the most special place a child could explore. When Carole was promoted to Miss Disneyland I could not have been any more proud of my Big Sister. She was, and is, a wonderful sister, mother, and aunt and I am so proud of her (and she certainly has changed much from 1964!!). Thanks again – what a treat to walk down Memory Lane with her.

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